Santo Domingo was a sports festival from September 6 to 11 with two very important events for the continent. The first was the Merengue Cup, which served as the last qualifying event for the Central American and Caribbean Games of San Salvador 2023. The second was the IV Caribbean Development Championship from September 6 to 8.

During the second virtual meeting with the federations of the Americas, Secretary General Sergio Font expressed his gratitude to the Dominican Archery Federation. “It was a big and complicated event because it was two events in one. The Development event, although it was created mainly for the English-speaking Caribbean, the first edition we had was in Puerto Rico and the other three have always been assumed with great willingness by the Federation of the Dominican Republic and its president José Miguel Robiou. We are very grateful for this.”

A total of 118 athletes from 19 countries participated in the Merengue Cup. This event, together with the qualifier for the Central American and Caribbean Games, was held in the morning, while the Caribbean Development Championship took place in the afternoon. In this Championship there was a participation of 103 athletes from 7 countries. This is the first time that the number of 100 participants was exceeded in this type of event and there were also countries that had never participated before, as is the case of Jamaica.

With the Merengue Cup qualifier and the Puerto Rico Archery Cup that took place in March of this year, all the spots that were to be awarded in events for the next Central American and Caribbean Games were distributed. Only one spot was left pending in the compound men, which will be added to the 4 wild cards reserved for developing countries.

These 5 spots will be distributed by the Executive Committee of World Archery Americas and will be announced on December 5 of this year, taking into account the results of Asuncion 2022 South American Games and the Pan American Championship of Santiago de Chile 2022. “We are going to try by all means to increase the number of countries. This is a requirement that Centro Caribe Sports asked us when we were granted the increase from 100 to 116 spots” commented Font.

The Central American and Caribbean Games of San Salvador 2023 will be the last Regional Games that will give spots to Santiago 2023 Pan American Games and will be held in July of next year.