The Colombian compounds dominated the team day of the 2021 Pan American Archery Championship, winning gold medals in the men's and women's branches.

Sara López, Alejandra Usquiano and Nora Valdez beat Mexicans Andrea Becerra, Esmeralda Sánchez and Margarita Valencia in the women's final, while Sebastián Arenas, Juan Fernando Bonilla and Daniel Muñoz beat Salvadorans Roberto Hernández, Douglas Nolasco and Miguel Veliz for the male title.

“We are very happy because even though we spent a year without competing, we were able to return to a competition to play a very good role. We are very happy for the medal, for the result and for having achieved it despite the wind, ”said López, who previously won the mixed compound title.

The Colombians, who qualified first with a score of 2,098 points, advanced directly to the final, needing only one match to win the gold. They disputed it with Mexico, the host country, whom they defeated by eight points with a score of 225-217.

"Teamwork is precisely the most important thing for us because knowing what to say to us, how to encourage us and calm us down," added Nora.

Puerto Ricans Marla Cintrón, María Latorre and Paola Ramírez took the bronze after falling to Mexico in the semifinals 212-202.

The Colombian men also celebrated their continental title after beating the El Salvador team.

The coffee growers took a four-point lead in the first round, taking a solid lead that they gradually expanded to win 231-221.

“It is a great pleasure for us to be able to reaffirm the title we achieved three years ago. We already felt quite prepared a year ago, before the pandemic, but this team remained very strong, we trained very hard and we knew we had the conditions to achieve it. We are happy with this victory, ”declared Daniel Muñoz.

Archers Juan del Río, Antonio Hidalgo and Uriel Olvera, from Mexico, prevailed against Bryan Alvarado, Harold Cuadros and Jean Pizarro, from Puerto Rico, 230-223.

In the recurve category, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico took the men's podium, while Mexico, Colombia and Brazil completed the women's.