World Archery Americas held a continental judge seminar ahead of the 2021 South American Youth Archery Championships in Guayaquil, Ecuador, on October 4-9.

It took place at the headquarters of the Ecuadorian Olympic Committee.

The course was led by World Archery Americas Secretary General Sergio Font and Ecuadorian Continental Judge Alba Santos, and had 10 participants from Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Guatemala, Venezuela and Ecuador.

Nidia Carolina Morales (GUA), Juan Sanchez (ECU), Javier Casteblanco (COL), Omar Zamora (MEX), Jackeline Estevez (ECU), Laura Jocelyn Hernandez (MEX), Francisca Quezada Urrea (CHI) and Marcelo Mayorga Hervas (ECU) were approved as continental judges.

World Archery Americas has plans to continue training its national, continental and international judges to improve the expertise in the region.