World Archery Americas is hosting a training camp in Medellin for youth archers that are qualified for the first Junior Pan American Games, scheduled to be held later this year in Cali, Colombia. The camp started on Sunday, May 9, and will run until Saturday, May 15.

The camp is being led by reigning Pan American Games Champion Roberto Hernandez of El Salvador, Olympian Juan Rene Serrano of Mexico and Colombian psychologist Lina Orrego. The focus is on preparing the athletes’ techniques and mindset for the important tournament.

“This new multisport event is an exciting opportunity for the young archers of the Americas and growing this sport. We won’t let it go to waste – and this training camp will help our athletes perform at their best in Cali,” said World Archery Americas secretary general Sergio Font.

A total of 36 archers and 13 coaches from the national teams of Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala and Peru are attending.

Mainly funded by Panam Sports, the program of activities includes a diagnosis of each archer’s mental preparedness, knowledge sharing, integration activities and a competition simulation.

Detail on the training camp simulation is attached.


Programación Campamento Juvenil – PDF