Ana Vazquez (674), Alejandra Valencia (672) and Aida Roman (647) scored a combined 1993 points in the recurve women’s ranking round to lead the 28 nations competing for the three remaining team quota places for the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

“I think as a team, we kind of powered-up. I’m even a little bit less nervous because now I’m competing. I’m not thinking about the future, I’m thinking about now,” said 20-year-old Vazquez.

“I know it’s an important moment and it gives me a bit less pressure. I feel more secure about myself and my team. I think we’re going to make it!”

The Mexicans were followed on the leaderboard by teams from India (1992), USA (1981), Italy (1963), Denmark (1953), Turkey (1946), France (1924) and Poland (1917) in the top eight.

They all receive a bye into the second round, making their way into the goal a little shorter, with one match less to shoot than the rest.

All but Poland have already secured one individual quota places for Tokyo.

Ane Marcelle dos Santos, Sarah Nikitin and Ana Luiza Sliachticas of Brazil finished in 12th with 1881, while Colombia’s Valentina Acosta, Maira Sepulveda and Ana Maria Rendon seeded 15th with 1864 points.

In the individual qualification, Argentina’s Florencia Leithold was 30th with 618, Mayte Paredes of Bolivia 57th with 545 and the USA Virgin Islands’ Anne Abernathy 60th with 523.

Team elimination matches will follow with individuals taking place on Monday.