The individual qualification tournament for the first Junior Pan American Games, scheduled to be held in Cali, Colombia in summer 2021, took place in Medellin on Saturday morning.

The top 10 individual finishers in each gender (one per country) earned quota places in the recurve events, while the three best individual archers in each gender earned spots in the compound competition.

Nicholas D’Amour of the US Virgin Islands was one of the junior archers that secured a quota place for his country.

“I feel very good, I’m glad that I was able to come here and that I was able to do my job and get the quota place,” said Nicholas.

“During the round where I had to qualify, where I had to get the spot, I was down 2-0 after the first round. I shot a 26 and the other guy shot a 27 and, after my second arrow of my second round of my first match, my bottom limb broke so I had to run off the line and grab my backup bow and shoot my third arrow with my backup bow. So that was exciting, and I still won that set, so I’m glad that I was able to push through those challenges and I was still able to win that match and also move on to the next match and win that quota place for Cali.”

In addition to the US Virgin Islands, recurve male archers from Costa Rica, Peru, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Venezuela, Guatemala, Ecuador, Argentina and Cuba also secured places.

The individual recurve women’s quota places were taken by archers from Guatemala, Cuba, Peru, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, El Salvador, Bolivia and Puerto Rico.

“I feel very happy, very satisfied. I trained all the time to get a good result and whether you expect it, you get surprised and feel happy.” said Yailin Paredes of Cuba, who finished second in the qualifying tournament.

“I’d like to dedicate this result to my family, to my coach and to my country, Cuba, as they wanted this quota place as much as I did.”

Compound male archers from the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, and female archers from Peru, Panama and the Dominican Republic won the spots.



– Brazil (one man, one woman)
– Colombia (one man, one woman)
– Costa Rica (one man)
– Chile (one man, one woman)
– Dominican Republic (one man, one woman)
– Ecuador (one man, one woman)
– El Salvador (one man, one woman)
– Mexico (one man, one woman)
– Panama (one woman)
– Peru (one woman)
– Puerto Rico (one man)
– USA (one man, one woman)


– Argentina (one man, one woman)
– Bolivia (one woman)
– Brazil (two men, two women)
– Colombia (two men, two women)
– Costa Rica (one man, one woman)
– Cuba (one man, one woman)
– Chile (two men, one woman)
– Dominican Republic (one man, two women)
– Ecuador (one man, two women)
– El Salvador (one man, one woman)
– Guatemala (one man, one woman)
– Mexico (two men, two women)
– Peru (one man, one woman)
– Puerto Rico (two men, one woman)
– USA (two men, two women)
– Venezuela (one man, one woman)
– Virgin Islands US (one man)