World Archery Americas coordinates and delivers development projects in the region with the goal of growing its member associations. These projects revolve around set activities for coaches, judges and archers.


Knowledgeable coaches and a comprehensive training structure are critical to an athlete’ success. World Archery Americas puts an emphasis on training coaches by hosting level 1 and 2 internationally-recognized coaching courses in the continent.

This section includes the Coaches Training and Evaluation System in the Americas, as well as books and other sources of information for coaches. Invitations to coaching courses are also included.

Upcoming Coaching Training Seminars.


World Archery Americas organizes seminars and conferences on subjects that are likely to be of interest to its member associations, covering administrative, technical, and sport development topics.

These sessions can be free or run at cost depending on the content.



World Archery Americas distributes annual donations of equipment to national federations that need material support to develop the sport within their country.

Learn about the distribution of donations in recent years.