The term technical officials in archery covers judges and classifiers. They are responsible for implementing the latest version of the World Archery Rulebook and ensuring fair competition at local, continental and international events.

World Archery Americas accredits its continental judges through training, experience assessment and examination.

The list of authorized judges by World Archery Americas is updated every year. Classifiers are accredited by World Archery.


World Archery Americas trains and evaluates its judges through its Judges Committee. This section includes a list of the accredited international and continental judges in the Americas, as well as information on judging rules and manuals to support judge development.


Impaired athletes require an international classification to compete in any world-level para archery tournaments.

The classification procedure is performed by international classifiers, who are World Archery accredited technical officials, to assess an athlete’s impairment and assign a classification class in accordance with the rules.

The World Archery Classifiers Manual explains the procedures and processes classifiers follow when evaluating an athlete.

World Archery Americas has 13 national classifiers accredited by World Archery . Learn more about our Classifiers.