The term technical officials in archery covers judges and classifiers. They are responsible for implementing the latest version of the World Archery Rulebook and ensuring fair competition at local, continental and international events.

World Archery Americas accredits its continental judges through training, experience assessment and examination.

The list of authorized judges by World Archery Americas is updated every year. Classifiers are accredited by World Archery.


World Archery Americas trains and evaluates its judges through its Judges Committee. This section includes a list of the accredited international and continental judges in the Americas, as well as information on judging rules and manuals to support judge development.


Classification describes the procedure of assessing the impairment of an athlete. The system provides structure and a level playing field for para archery competition. Classification defines whether an athlete can use an assistive device, decides whether they are eligible to compete in para archery and groups eligible athletes by the severity of their impairment.

All documents and forms about classification can be found on World Archery’s website.

An athlete may be classified to use an assistive device but not to compete in para archery competition. The classification classes, the eligibility of impairments and the process for assessing athletes are defined according to the International Paralympic Committee’s classification standards that span all para sport.

Classification is carried out at the international level and the national level. Archers require an international classification to compete at any international para archery event. Athletes getting started in para archery can receive a National Classification. This will only apply within the country that issued it. Collaboration between national archery federations may be devised to allow nationally classified archers to compete in neighbouring or other continental association events that are not identified as World Archery international events. National classification follows the same rules and categories as International classification.

Archers interested in getting classified and competing in para archery competitions should contact their national archery federation.

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