The South American Youth Open Archery Championship took place on October 4-9 at the Modelo Alberto Spencer stadium in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

More than 60 archers took part, representing Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru contested the South American event, while at the Open they were joined by athletes from the Dominican Republic and the US Virgin Islands.

Among the archers was Olympic and international medalist Nicholas D’Amour of the US Virgin Islands. The 20-year-old took the top spot in the ranking round with 670 points and then bested competitors from Peru, Chile and Ecuador to win the gold medal.

Other well-known names included Stefany Jerez from the Dominican Republic and Mayte Camila Paredes from Bolivia.

Ecuador asserted its home advantage by being the leader in the Open medal table with a total of 43 medals. Colombia followed with 15 and the Dominican Republic on 11.

In the South American event table, it was Colombia who occupied the first place with 10 gold medals, one more than the locals and six more than Peru.

The tournament also served as preparation for many of the archers heading to first Junior Pan American Games, which will take place in Cali from November 25 to December 5.

The full results and photos of the event are available on Ianseo.